Lindloff's class at Timothy Christian HS



CHRISTIAN THOUGHT is a course required of all seniors. We explore the legitimacy of the Faith in quarter one and discuss the (dis)unity of the Church in quarter two.

TOPICS include atheism, world religions, biblical reliability, biblical interpretation, Church history, spiritual gifts, church government, sacraments, worship, mission, hell, and, if time, the end times.

TEXTS include various articles, films, and the Bible.

CLASS TIME consists of lecture, discussion, writing, media, prayer, and devotional readings.



EACH POINT is worth about 1% of your quarter grade, since there are approximately 100 points possible per quarter.

LATE HOMEWORK, within one week late, is worth a maximum of 8 out of 10 points. Don’t wait until 11:58 to submit online; the on-time folder closes at 11:59. If there is a “server error,” email me the assignment as proof it was on time. However, you still need to submit to before receiving credit. After the one-week late period, assignments are worth 3 points maximum for the rest of the quarter. Put them in the “Really Late” folder at the bottom of Turnitin.

EXTRA CREDIT options are explained on this site.



BIBLE STUDY & REFLECTION, 400-800 words on assigned questions, due most Tuesdays by 11:59 PM. Only typed work submitted to will be accepted. The course ID and password will be provided in class. Hard copies are unnecessary.  10 pts each

QUIZZES cover class notes or handouts and consist of objective questions and short answers.  10 pts each

TESTS cover class notes and consist of ten objective questions and an essay.  20 pts each

GROUP PRESENTATION of a major world religion and of a church movement.  10 pts each

STATEMENT OF FAITH & PURPOSE, 900-1200 typed essay. See Bible Qs.